Cancel Culture

Take a page out of the playbook of Generation Z...

their asses will cancel any of your deadasses if they dislike you or what you have to say...

they'll just unfriend you, block you, ignore you or have you removed

they're not glued to news stations... they're creating original content of their own

they ignore your raggedy asses

they're the future film directors, actors, luminaries, etc... and they CANCEL CULTURE hard

it's not about skin color, education level, socioeconomic status... it's about a few lousy noisemakers who try to color the world in the crayons they choose and want to forcefeed the rest of the world into accepting their asinine version of reality

do what I do... i don't watch tv of any kind... i just cherry pick shows and youtube content that I will allow to color my perception of reality

I ignore, block, cancel at lightning speed

learn and evolve... don't listen to raggedy ass pundits and their asinine bs... form your own educated opinions and don't allow this world to change your smile or inundate you with toxic sh*t


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