Birthday Thoughts

So Boo isn't a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am kind of guy.  *takes notes*


I can't really be a polyglot when it comes to matters of faith and creed.  When you are Saved and Forgiven you are Christian and as a Christian you desire to share that message with the world and encourage others to find Jesus as well.

Of course I have Muslims in my family and that's all good and well.  At least they considered Jesus as a reverent prophet, however not the last.

I am well-versed in a number of faiths, having studied World Religions as a course.

It's just that Jesus is God and none of the other myriad of religions recognize such.  And I think for humanity to flourish and thrive and grow spiritually we need to recognize the divinity within each of us as Children of Christ.  None of the other creeds offer such an option.  Well we can become Bodhissatvas and Buddhas, but they believe in reincarnation and I think YOLO... you only LIVE once... I mean I don't want to return as a guppy or vermin.

But I don't want to proselytize.  You can go to a Christian Church for that or google Christian sermons and watch for yourself.

Ironically I don't attend Church.  It's because there are too many hypocrites at my local Church and I find them toxic.

But where we...ahh yes... humanity's progress... we are rapidly increasing in number...close to 8 billion souls when in the 70s it was less than 3 billion... 

you need Jesus


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