I sacrificed nearly 13 years of my life as the Caregiver of my mother — physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.
If my mother is indeed with the Lord, she should know I prayed for her in earnest for many years.

I requested from the Lord — I want my mother to be with you.... if I have to lose all my teeth...that's fine.  Just make sure my mother is with you.

Don't any of you out there dare criticize me and how I treated my mother.  I treated her like gold all the way to the end.  I put her before myself all the time and she knows it.  Most children won't dedicate their lives to their parents or even grandparents.

They'd shut them away in a nursing home and ignore them until they die.

My mother wasn't treated like that.  I treated her like my own daughter.

Jackasses.  As if any of you would make the decisions I had to.

Kiss my f-ing ass.


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