Birthday Thoughts

I'm not a Witch.  I don't practice witchcraft.

As my intro post declares — it's just me, Jesus, and Keanu.

Witchcraft encourages demonic influences... I don't want that around my own children.

Teach your children about Jesus instead of hocus pocus.

Instead of casting spells, try getting on your knees and praying.

I understand that those who enjoy books of kind witches and wizards and vampires inspire a generation or two... however, even in Rowling's books there are a lot of Christian themes... google it

A case in point... Anne Rice is sort of like a Rowling of my generation... She wrote many books on Vampires and Witches... incredibly brilliant literature... because she's a devout Catholic/Christian, one of the last book series she wrote is about Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior...

so there you have it...


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