Music of My Heart

I've been listening to this song in a group of songs on an endless loop.

It's the theme song to the film with the same name.

It makes me think of being in High School and sitting in classes at my local high school — Grover Cleveland when I decided to pretend to be an exchange student from another school... with friends Debs and Marilyn.

Dedicated to amazing teachers who helped us forge our dreams into reality and for believing in us.

The '90s were a magical time that only now and then do I get glimpses of in my everyday existence.  How thoroughly we enjoyed High School and our formative years.

I'm tryna to listen to BTS but it's not growin on me :/

ahahahahaha... must be a tween obsession...

my grand-niece and grand-nephew prolly lyke 'em...


I feel light and airy, especially since I chopped off about 12 inches of hair... woot!... almost went for a pixie cut... ahahhahahaha... 

much was stolen from me over the years, but the best is yet to come...

and I know that when I die I am going straight to heaven.

Mr. Skarsgard is quite handsome.  *ponder*

So is Mr. Keanu Reeves *ponder*

I need to read my horoscope.



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