Let the Record Show

I hope my readers are not under the impression that I dislike Italy, Italians, China, and Chinese.   Yes I've had some run-ins with certain bad elements, but I realize that just because they are a certain ethnicity doesn't mean they are all like that nor do they represent their entire country.

In every given country you're going to have some bad apples and some good apples.

The criminals I speak of have been a problem to not just this country, but also in their native countries.

Italy is a beautiful country that has given this world much brilliance, art, music, fashion etc.  Same can be said about China.

Don't take what you see as far as criminality is concerned in this country and think it applies to their native countries.  Because it doesn't.

And even in my native Philippines you have good apples and bad apples.  Don't paint with a broad brushstroke.  Be mindful that not all are the same.
Even in my own family there are bad apples including a reformed drug dealer who went to jail.


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