My Mafia Connections

I'm mafia-related by my Italian cousins... quite a number of my nieces and nephews are part Italian... but mafia has changed since the '70s and '80s... now they don't do the crazy violence... now they get you where it really hurts — your wallet...

i'm also related to the Susannos and Altanas — my boyfriends...

I was going to have an Italian/Sicilian/Irish/Filipino baby.... but instead my niece Dana has the baby... a special baby

i have Italian ancestry... but I'm just not Italian enough... and my love at the time is FILIPINO — Montaign Gamino

I also am related to Chinese mafia...

I was fine having mafia connections... but I never wanted to get too deep...

I was offended that mafia Boss intended to make me a kept woman... those girls die in their 30s in the nude by drug overdoses

I was offended... I could have gone to Harvard... I didn't want to be a pretty sex toy :D

but look at me now... i look like sh*t at 49


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