Jessa Pavino

My HS Classmates and some Ridgewood townies are utterly ridiculous.

They erroneously thought I was going to marry an Italian because I'm Jessa Pavino — Italian/German.

I made Jessa Pavino for two reasons:

1. My angel Filipino love — Montaign Gamino

2. John Z. a German dumped his Polish WIFE (Joanna) for an Italian mafia woman...   And he has grey eyes and we were once good friends.

I was never going to marry an Italian.  Do you know virtually all the blondes married Italians and Italian mafia to top it off...

Many classmates and townies marry Italians and Italian mafia to boot...


Montaign GAMINO is pure FILIPINO and isn't a criminal.  He belongs to the top 1% of the world having been gifted his entire existence... attending schools only so many can dream about... because he's gifted.

He's a Guardian.



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