Dominican Academy

DA, what do you know about "Veritas" truth or even 'Honor' (point to her icon — light and honor).  Veritas is also Harvard's motto.

I was Valedictorian of my Freshman year and the only Latin Scholar. I have the highest PSAT scores. Yet they chose Shirley to be the one Freshman for National Honor Society.  And I was told because she's very beautiful and a fashion model.  I cried in school when they told me.  Because I'm not pretty.

I wanted to be President of the School in Senior year.  But the PA Board which is comprised mostly of Italian families in conjunction with the Principal and Dean of Discipline choose an Italian.  She isn't in National Honor Society.  She didn't get into any AP classes.  She doesn't have my high SAT Scores.  And she didn't represent the class for the last 3 years as I did for student council.

I just wasn't Italian enough.

They told me I can be CO-Editor of the Yearbook with the most popular girl.

You destroyed my actual SAT scores when you know full well it's much higher.  Many irate families contacted Harvard University and slandered my good name and my parents' good name.

So Dominican Academy taught me you don't need HONOR to be Blessed.  You just have to be beautiful like a Fashion Model, or Italian enough, or Popular.


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