The Irony

So today is Father's Day...

all three of my rapists and their cohorts all got married and are Fathers

they all have children — Tony Tan, Jason Lee, and Peter

Ironically I never have children and now I no longer am able

Nor do I ever find true love or get married

Instead they tortured my mind for over two and half decades and did this to me:

And they spread a vicious rumour about my own father...

they just wanted to destroy me at all cost:

No Love, No marriage, No children

Not even a bed to sleep on or money in my pocket

they tried to spin the story that i was a terrible person

but as you know, quite the opposite

don't ever claim to be my friend

i have no friends

don't ever claim to love me

nobody loves me

it's just me, jesus, mickey mouse, my father, my mother, and my brother


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