NYU and Columbia

NYU accepted me into their University as a Trustee's Scholar.

They refused to change my F's into W's because I wouldn't press charges against the men who raped me.

I didn't know how to tell them that they were Chinese mafia and they'd slowly kill off my whole family and make it look natural.

I was asked to leave NYU after two years because of abysmal grades.  My grades were ruined from the beginning.

My Dean — Michael Long — told me that I could go to Boston and study at Boston College, his alma mater, and they'd erase everything that I ever attended NYU.

I refused.

I got a chance to finish my studies at Columbia years later.  I was hoping to graduate with honors.  I failed a semester in '03.  Because of the Devil Worshippers and landing in the ER.

My Dean — Dominic Stellini — told me I couldn't contest the grades.  He's from NYU.

They stood in my way of ever doing well academically and they always blamed me for it.  When it was because of tragic circumstances beyond my control.

They stole my diploma.  I have no diploma as proof I graduate.  If I want a new diploma I need to get a notary and jump thru hoops to get it.  And it will no longer say my beloved Prez. of the school, but the new one.

Despite my one bad semester I decided to apply to Columbia Law.  The application allows you to explain a bad semester.  I explained it well enough to them.  Columbia Law emailed me and said we got your application are you ready for our reply?  I was excited because they reached out to me quickly.  I thought I got in.  They emailed me a rejection letter within twenty seconds of my excitedly telling them yes, I would like their response.  They rejected me while I was at a computer terminal.  I didn't even get a letter in the mail.

This is what 3 rapes do to a woman as well as Narcissists and Sociopaths trying to destroy me:


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