It's just going to be me and my younger brother, Kris.

Neither of us desires to date, marry, or have children.  We are alike in that respect.

We desire to be autonomous and do our own thing.

There are spiritual realities I desire to be a part of and I'm not about to sublimate my desires by having miracle children, furbabies, or adopting children and allowing them to attain what *I* desire.  I'll do it myself.

I'm about to leave NYC.  I'm relocating to pleasanter climes.  I will live in Paris for a number of years.

I may become an actress and singer because my brother, Kris, is an actor.

I don't feel pressured to marry or have children.  I'm just not interested.

I have many projects to keep me interested like the Starship Federation, Heaven's Councils, the return of my Lord, Jesus Christ, and immortality etc.

This journal and my cell phone is the only way to contact me.

It's all about me and how I can serve M'Lord, King Yeshua.

I'm a Warrior.  We don't marry and have children of any kind.


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