I'm going to be 49 in less than a month.  Just about 50.

I'm not interested in dating, marriage, or children.

Don't even put that on the table.  Maybe if I was turning 29.

You're two decades too late.

I'm interested in self-determination and living my best life as a ravishing brunette.

I want to do all the things I've wanted to do.

And that's traveling the world, living in Paris for a couple of years, living alone and doing my own thing.

I don't want anyone telling me what to do or how to live my life.

I'm not even going to get furbabies because I don't want the responsibility.

One of the major reasons why I like the actor Keanu Reeves is because he's a self-professed bachelor and is very independent.  He's never married.

I'm not even interested in dating EVER.

I'm interested in myself and seeing how far *I* can go.  I don't want the responsibilities of children, a husband, or even furbabies.

I wish to only to do for myself for the next two or three decades before I get too old to travel and move around.

So just transform me and show me the money.  Everything else I am not interested in.  I desire full autonomy.


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