Thank Goodness

My father is home now.  We picked him up at 4 pm.  His RN Stephanie was thoroughly going over his discharge papers with him when we got there.  Thank you for that.  Many nurses don't really have to do that.  We met Dr. John, the attending doctor but didn't get a chance to talk to him much because we were paying attention to the nurse.

We ate at Olive Garden.  My father, my brother, Doris, and me.

Thank you to all the nurses who cared for my father especially Janet, Stephanie, and Teress Persaud.

Thank you to Forest Hills Northwell Hospital for your excellent care of my father.

He will see his primary care doctors next week.  Thank you to my father's case manager Narissa Yasin.

Thank you to the ER, ICU, and 6 South.

My father is advised to take medications for his ulcer treatment and anemia as well as quit smoking.

We're on it.

Thank you.  I was really scared the first 36 hours.  


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