So yesterday was brutal.... BRUTAL... on my psyche... I was telling my father, "Maybe I'm schizophrenic?"

I'm not, however yesterday looked schizophrenic to me.

I was being tossed around in some kind of spiritual storm that could have devoured my sanity.

Fortunately after 8 hours of symptoms, the storm subsided and I broke out in song - Heal the World.

I was thinking maybe it's because of my BFFs/Sisters that I went thru what I went thru.  I don't know.

After a while I thought it was a spiritual attack, so I started doing psychic shielding exercises, and they worked well.

At the end I must say I am indeed part Italian.  I only have eyes for Keanu Reeves.  And perhaps Leo is for a BFF/Sister?

Who knows...

If this fantasy larp 'materializes' into reality, I am so making a beeline to Keanu and hitting him up and asking him out on a formal date.  Werd monis.

And of course the Starship Federation and Heavens' Councils should be involved.  And of course my partner should be on both.



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