Say Ate Ruti, po or Manang Ruti, po

Vivienne, don't you dare give me any lip or disrespect.  I will slap you silly.

I'm your Ate or if you prefer, your Manang.  I'm a bit older than you, Vivienne.

You didn't just refer to me as a golden retriever, did you Vivienne?
You've been stalking me since you were a little girl, because I'm a star in our family.

You decided to date Vietnamese and study French.  You decided that the Philippines isn't worth visiting.  Instead you traveled all over Europe and Scandinavia.  You didn't think Melbourne, Australia was worthy of you.  So you moved to London.

I never left NYC.  And NYC is arguably one of the best cities in the world.

Do you speak tagalog or bisaya like me, Vivienne?  No.

You can speak French, but are you indeed "French"?  No.

I already explained that I am a native English and Bisaya speaker.  And semi-fluency in Tagalog and Spanish.  Some comprehension of French, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (especially since I have Chinese ancestry)

Respect your elders, Vivienne.  And refer to me as your Ate or Manang and when you answer me in the affirmative say OO, Manang Ruti, PO.  Po is a term of respect.



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