Closing Thoughts for 4/22/21

I must to bed because I have to be on line quite early tomorrow to get my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.
I haven't gotten to Kris Jenner, Hillary Duff, the Spice Girls, more Anna, more Salma, Selena Gomez, and so many others including Presidents Bush and Obama

And I haven't talked about Daunte Wright, but my prayers and support are with your family.
And I haven't watched Jennifer Aniston yet...

I always expect a 'Keanu' video as usually my last post for the day, but he ain't around at the moment 


I just wanted to end the day with some inspiration and to explain 'siesta' and 'mañana' in Filipino.

So thruout the Philippines we also have 'siesta', which is similar to the siestas in Latin America.  A siesta is like a mini-break between Lunch and Dinner where you can eat some suman (glutinous rice dessert) with chokolate (a drink from raw cocoa beans) and take a nap for an hour after lunch, around 1-2 pm.  Latinos also have siestas but they serve different dishes.

Filipinos have what's called 'mañana' time.  Mañana is a Spanish word which many Filipinos use as a colloquial term.  And it means to put off something and procrastinate and keep saying, "I'll do it tomorrow.'  The Spanish word Mañana literally means 'tomorrow'.  However, for Filipinos it is considered as you're procrastinating.  The tagalog word for tomorrow is 'bukas'.

Goodnite everyone.  And bukas (tomorrow) I will discuss 'Cajun'. aha.

Nite Boo




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