Chabacano is creole Spanish and it comes from the Spanish word 'Chavacano' which means poor taste and vulgar.  ahahahahahahaha

I have family from Cavite and they do speak Chabacano as well as English, Tagalog, Visayan, and even some Spanish.  And Cavite is one of the main 3 areas in the Philippines where Chabacano is spoken.  They say that about 500,000 speak Chabacano in the Philippines, however the number could be inflated a little higher due to many speaking and understanding more than one dialect.

This is a problem for me in understanding language clearly.  I have been taught strict Castilian Spanish for eight years as well as strict English for at least 16 years that I may understand tagalog, chabacano, and Visayan fluently because of context, but I get lost in the syntax.  It's because the structures and syntax vary between English, Spanish and Tagalog, Visayan, and Chabacano.  For example, in Castilian Spanish it's Subject-Verb-Object and in Chabacano and Tagalog it's Verb-Subject-Object.  And that really confuses me sometimes.  Good to know.

And as we can see here in this video Mexico and the Philippines have been with each other for over a century about because of the Galleon trade and Mexico was originally called New Spain.  And we have many Mexican Spanish words, especially in Chabacano, including Mexican Spanish and indigenous.  That's why Mexico is our first cousin.

I understand Chabacano in context.  I usually understand Castilian Spanish.  But the syntax and grammar throw me off at times.  I shall study this further.

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