I acted like an asshat today because you were being very disrespectful of me to the nth degree.  You've been like this for the past two or three months.  And today I said enough is enough of your bad behavior.

And when I say you, I think of Alyssa Sandoval and possibly Tara.  Lisse, why did you insist on calling me a chihuahua?  Especially when it comes to issues of artistry and creative endeavors?  And why do you shove the fact you have a son with a man that possibly was for me?  Real men can't be stolen.

You must desist from using 'chihuahua' and directing it at me in a derogatory manner, especially like profanity.  As if you're cursing me.  It's quite rude, disrespectful, and for all intensive purposes, unnecessary.

I am a very open-minded woman.  I am very laid-back, modest, and kind.  There's no need to undercut me at every chance you can get.  You are no friend of mine if you are as extremely disrespectful as you have been.  This is directed to whomever 'Alyssa Sandoval' represents.

We should be grown adults who can adult and behave in a courteous manner and conduct civil discourse.  Veiled insults are not tolerated, Lisse.

I apologize if this 'drama' offends anyone.  




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