I started to do arts & crafts, but thieves stole all my supplies — two huge boxes of them.

I started to Knit and crochet, but thieves stole my box of knitting and crochet supplies.

I started to make smoothies, but thieves stole my blender and smoothie recipe books.

These thieves think I'm a store and they steal.

I also get my AA in Art and Biology from CUNY Staten Island.  I get my BA in Biology, Communications, Art, and Spanish at NYU.  And I get my Masters in Communications from Pace University.  I get my PhD in Biology from Albany State University.

I considered going into Broadcast Journalism.

I don't have curly hair.

As for the comments like "Why do you get books when you don't read them."  When the thieves stole virtually everything in my drawers and under my bed.  The books under my bed were scheduled to be read that year.

I tried to file a report of egregious theft with NYPD, but they wouldn't take my report.

You nasty af thieves.

But now I have a password-protected Kindle and password-protected Nook.  You'll have to steal those now, nasty af thieves.

Oh you think you stole my man.  Real men can't be stolen.  Looks like you have a little b*tch instead.  Furthermore, I don't care if you two have a son.  And don't talk to me on Pinterest.  I don't know who you are, but I dislike you very much because you have an inferiority complex and are extremely rude, uneducated, and disrespectful.  Stay clear of me.  Now.

Moreover, my grandmother Salud ("Sally"), bless her heart, is a seamstress who also knits and crochets.  Both my mother and grandmother teach me how to Knit and Crochet and make clothes when I am as young as 7.  Take your rudeness and shove it somewhere dark like inside your tainted soul.


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