I'm not looking to be 'beautiful.' Perhaps that would have interested me when I was in my teens and twenties when I would use my 'appearances' to attract a mate like birds use their bright plumage and bird song. I'm 48... 'beauty' doesn't interest those 50 and over. I would just like my smile back. I was upset that it was a Virgo pin and not a Cancerian pin - bitch, I don't need a man. I just need sleep, clear skin, and a fat bank account.
I was never an exceptional beauty. When I was in my teens and twenties I was 'attractive.' But never top model, supermodel beauty. Just easy enough on the eyes to attract another attractive Filipino.
I was able to attract a mate, but was unable to keep him. Thus, when I reached 30 I decided I would never marry, but I would adopt children and be a Career woman.
One of the great things about getting older and greyer and wrinkled is that your appearances no longer matter. It's less superficial as you get older and much more 'real' and 'true.'
I'm approaching 50 and I'm trying to enjoy every single day and night I have left here before I check out. As far as my legacy is concerned, perhaps I could achieve a Nobel prize for the 'emmaruth' or 'concepción' theorem or formula.
I'm much more attracted to a beautiful mind than a beautiful appearance. If you're both, well aren't we quite fortunate? *grin*



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