Weird-Ass Dreams

I had weird-ass dreams. In my dream they are asking me and a few of my cousins - are you Asian? Or are you Mexican?
Over and Over they were interrogating us.
So I answer - Both. Asiacans.
And they're like what the hell is that?
I'm going to open a Filipino restaurant and you will see how we have our own authentic dishes and then dishes sampled from around the world, mainly Spain and China, with our own unique spin.
Authentic dishes would be pancit, adobo, empalaya, sinigang, dunuguan, etc.
Sampled dishes would be Chinese egg rolls Filipino style, Chinese shumai Filipino style
And then Spanish influenced Calderetta and Spanish influenced paella and Spanish Influenced Flan Cake
And don't forget our Fresh Lumpia and Suman
I am getting hungry just talking about this



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