So I hope to be out there in the public eye some time soon.  Vlogs every day about every subject under the sun, especially my Instagram.

I typically do MTV reality show confessions daily.  So allow me to share them with the world.

Just get me show biz-ready.  Make me look fab for the hot lights and cameras.


Today I touched upon some important issues, especially facing younger generations which is 'Colorism', black and asian solidarity, Virginity, education, etc.

These are important issues we face daily.  First of all I don't give a damn about your skin tone.  Ridiculous.  I think we need more open dialogue between Asians and Africans and Asians and Latinos, etc.  Save your V for marriage if you can.  And it's not your school, it's YOU.

So okies, I'm ready to level up like pikachu.  ahahahahahahahah



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