The V

Virginity.  Well those in this round-table are all 20 somethings.  I'm pushing 50 and for me I think you should save your Virginity for your marital partner.  I'm a born-again Virgin.  And I haven't let anyone touch my body in close to two and a half decades.

I think I explored sexuality at a younger age because I was sexually assaulted and it gave me like 'stockholm syndrome' where I identified with sexually active individuals.  Had I not been molested at the age of 11, I think I would have remained 'pure.'

It's a private matter.  It's your choice.  Unfortunately society can be cruel and judgemental.   But be strong about your choices and what happens to you, especially if you were assaulted, like some of these girls in this video.

Don't base your self-worth on assaults that happened to you.

You need love, support, and guidance.  Sex can be an enjoyable act, which I strongly advocate for a 'marriage' instead of a dalliance.  There are STDs and possible children.

Thank you to those young girls for sharing their stories even though they are hard to talk about in public.


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