Fantasy Larp

So my readers know I'm a fangirl of Keanu Reeves and I often 'fantasy' larp with him.

Okies, in the LARP we are engaged in a Chinese Arranged Marriage.

I will not lay eyes upon him until the actual Wedding.

The Catholic Wedding should take place at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Especially since I woke up today and the thoughts going thru my mind is that, Emmaruth, you're IRISH.

I understand that they take issue with my middle name Zerna and my surname Concepción (Kun-sep-see-yone).

If I use my Scottish surname I would be Emmaruth Buchanan.

If I use my Chinese surname I would be Emmaruth Lee or Emmaruth Lim.

I am actually related to the Buchanans and I am related to Lee and Lim.

So, this LARP with Mr. Reeves is all fantasy and I realize that.

But we engaged boo.



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