Monkey Thoughts

I like being alone.  I like solitude.  I like being single.  I like not having to rely on a partner for anything.  Just me.  Me and my harley.

So if I don't magically transform and gain entrance into the Heavens' Councils and Starship Federation, I'm gonna keep on truckin' as a single, independent woman without children.  I will get Clarence the Pug and Honey the Ragdoll kitten, and Loretta the Houseplant.  I will work for myself and my furbabies and plant.  And I will just do me.  I will do Emmaruth.

I will not give up on these ideas of a Starship Federation and Heavens' Councils.  But now I've added another component — immortality via becoming a Goddess.

I will not date.  I will not make BFFs.

I will be an independent and single.  I have my father and my brother.

If I die before I complete my quests for immortality, godhood, heavens' councils, starship federation, my father and brother will bury me in a Catholic service.

Not interested in love and marriage and its' trappings.

I'm interested in being single and independent and my own person.


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