I'm a Keanu Fangirl

I'm just a big fan of Keanu Reeves.  I'm closing in on 50.  So fangirling is usually reserved for those much younger.  It's kind of silly to be fangirling at my age.  But here we are.

I don't stalk Keanu Reeves.  I don't scour the net for him.  He just shows up now and then.

For about a year and a half I seriously fantasy LARPed with him.  I never met him and I'd probably faint if I did because he's like a god and you don't meet gods.  

In my current fantasy larp we're engaged and we're going to be a part of Heavens' Councils, Starship Federation, Council of Immortals and become immortal.

I think many would say 'emmaruth' is very bright, but she's a bit touched in the head.  She has really unique perspectives on the world and creative ideas.  However, how many of these ideas are actually real and available to this world.

Either way, the reality is by the end of 2021 I will be preparing to return to school for my PhD/JD in political science and law school.  I will also be preparing to work and volunteering at an animal shelter.  I will also get a puppy — a pug and a kitten — ragdoll.

The good thing that came about from fantasy larping with Keanu Reeves is that I was able to heal my soul.


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