Closing Thoughts

Well, more multiple dead in Boulder, CO.

This is more than a mental health issue and gun control... it's also a tough time for many of us because of a pandemic... it's also hate speech and rhetoric being casually tossed around out there and radicalizing the next perp. of a hate crime or violence in general...

all types of violence are being carried out all over this world

but despite the drudgery and sham and terror in this world, this is still a beautiful world... so if you've been reading my journal today and you are horrified by world events and can no longer find humanity in your fellow man, be rest assured that there is more beauty to be found than ugliness in this world... much kindness, tenderness, and camaraderie.  I get by with a little help from my frenz. And my family.

And on that note, here is another video on Super Cooper Sunday.  Puppies not only bring you joy but will fight to the death to protect you...


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