Margaret Cho, you are a Korean goddess.  I've been a fan of yours since the early '90s.  I thought your show 'American Girl' should have stayed on the air.  Conceptually it is Brilliant.

Yes, I agree that 'invisibility' is an issue for many Asian-Americans.  The non-representation of Asians in general.  And either we are invisible or unapproachable and it's very de-humanizing.  I agree.  I think we need to really put humanizing concepts out there about Asians in general.  Excellent points, Margaret Cho.  And also what you mention about the cultural norm of many in the #aapi community which is saving face.  Saving face is when you don't talk about your problems and personal pain because you want to 'save face.'  I understand that truly, but in my journals now I let it all hang out.  I no longer have much of a face.  *grin*  I even call myself a monkey with monkey thoughts.  The Chunkymonkey.

#stopasianhate #aapi #blm


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