So I'm watching OAN with my father and I see all this tension with China and violent unrest in Southeast Asia. And I'm alarmed. My father is like Asia is a powder keg. And I asked him what's going to happen? And he tells me they're just going to fight among themselves.

But this 86 year old man in China completed over 500 video games on the playstation and xbox. That's adorable and awesome.

Florida Governor removed critical race theory as part of the curriculum in Florida schools. I'm not even familiar with that because I went to parochial/private schools and we weren't taught critical race theory. I don't even know what that is.

I'm Chinese, a Chinese Hapa, and I really hope this country doesn't engage in conflict with China because I plan to travel there in the next year or so. Because the US is considering boycotting the 2022 Winter Olympics in China. *le sigh* Must you? I'm CHINESE


I should be watching college basketball and March Madness.  I use to watch basketball all the time when I was younger because it's a sport I use to play.  I was a guard for my school's team and we won the local championship and I was MVP.  But that was over 3 decades ago and now I'm overweight and can't do jacksh*t.




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