I'm not Karen

Well I don't report anyone to authorities.  I'm not a 'Karen'.  Karen is your nosey neighbor who is always trying to get you in trouble and throw you in jail.

I am not a Karen.

You can tell me off, curse me out, tell me you're going to kick my ass.  And I will usually just smile and tell you to have a good day.  The more creative you are in insulting me, the more likely I am going to start giggling.

I am not a Karen.  I enjoy a good, profane argument now and then.  Or even a rumble.  I've experienced them before.  It's very humorous to me.

I'm not sensitive like that.  I figure we're human and we have to blow off steam in different ways.

Besides if you heard how profane my father is to me on a daily basis, you'd see that I have a very high tolerance threshold for BS.  I usually respond to my father by saying, "I know you love me."  And that just sets him off.  ahahahahahaha

I don't report and scream foul.  I just deal with you and let you get it out of your system.

I'm not a Karen.



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