Well, so many take good manners and polite society for granted when it's available.  I am well-traveled and I have rubbed elbows with those with pristine reputations and polite manners and then nasty, hoodrats,  as well as everything in between those polar extremes.  I think it's good to expose yourself to many different social climes as possible so that you'll be able to understand humanity and the pressing problems they face better.

Tonite I was interested in my readers to understand that words have consequences.  Furthermore, many of you should be aware that at physical companies and establishments you are required to behave in a certain acceptable social norm or else you will be thrown out and taken away by authorities.  You have to realize that many of the online platforms and social media platforms in use are still sort of the Wild West yet they all have TOS and you have to read the fine print and accept and agree to terms of service.  Cyber-bullying and online scams are pressing problems many vulnerable segments of our society deal with daily, especially those who are younger and seniors and those with disabilities, including mental illness.

I'm not upset with the irate LJ user.  I've just been making an example of him.  I realized I could have replied to his PM in a myriad of ways, but I chose a terse, professional response.  I saw the timestamp of when he sent the message and it was like at 4 am.  So I thought he must be tired, irate, upset about something and he just had a meltdown of sorts.  

We really don't want to become a society where we always need to mediate our differences through legal recourse or channels.  I think being kinder and more understanding of one another are better methods.  Like Bobo the black lab therapy puppy and just being polite and calling someone Sir or Ma'am.  Kindness and respect go a long way, more than vilifying someone who is going through a tough time.

I am a Cancerian and I've been told we are often underestimated.  And they mistake our kindness for weakness.  Sadly.  They don't see the big picture.  Many follow my journals because they can relate to what I am saying.  I have been blogging for over two decades.

I was also a Communications major at first at NYU and I am emotionally calm 99% of the time.




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