More despicable Behavior

So last week the phone was ringing off the hook and I was taking a nap.  I thought it was my father and I rushed for the phone without identifying the caller.  It was an older man who said he's from the remittance company and that he wishes to speak with my father.  I tell him, "he's not available right now."  He proceeds to tell me that my father recently sent like 2000 dollars to 'Arturo' and that Arturo hasn't claimed the cash advancement yet and it is past the time in which he has to claim it.  I say, 'Uh huh.'  He tells me that your father needs to come down there and claim it back and that he has until the 16th.  I let him know that I will let him know.  I hung up, bleary-eyed, and didn't think anything of it.  The call was placed at around 4 pm.  I tell my father about it at around 9 pm.  My father tells me it is too late to go down there now.  Then an hour later he tells me he called them and they said nobody called him about that and that Arturo already claimed the money.

I instantaneously got worried for my father because criminals are preying on him and trying to rob him of his hard-earned cash.  And what is even more terrible about this is that my father is a kindly senior citizen.

I understand that because of COVID times are hard and many will resort to criminal means to survive.  However, preying on senior citizens is despicable.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.  How do I know that if my father went down there that you weren't just going to extort him for cash but you were also planning to physically harm him.  Monsters.  Despicable monsters.

Also, the money was in need by Arturo because he recently had a stroke and he needs help paying medical bills.  His daughter and son-in-law are flying out there in two or three days to get him and bring him here so that he can convalesce better in his daughter's care.



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