Customer Service

I started working at the age of 12 as a babysitter.  By the time I am 16 I am working as a salesgirl for DJs, a men's apparel store.  I was also a salesgirl for Banana Republic.  And I am in customer service for Varig Brazilian Airlines.  This was back in the Stone Ages when we literally worked for pennies.

Those in Customer Service will tell you that the golden rule is that the customer is always right.  Smile often and nod acquiescence.  Even if they call you by the wrong name over and over, despite your name in big, bold letters on your name tag.  Even when they call for your supervisor.  The customer is always right.  And always refer to them as 'Sir' or 'Ma'am'.

I've dealt with some very difficult customers.  But with finesse and politely.  We have codes for difficult customers.  We'll whisper to our co-workers and our Supervisors like 'Code 10'.  Ahh, we know all about you difficult customers.

However if your belligerence and profanity become an attempt at physical assault, security will swiftly usher you off the premises and the authorities will be there to take you away where a psych evaluation will be a distinct possibility and most likely charges will be pressed against you.

Harassment and Haranguing our employees are against company policy and will not be tolerated.  Our employees are not to be subjected to emotional abuse or any abuse of any kind.

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