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Because this irate LJ user says I share absolutely nothing of merit to the livejournal conversation or any conversation for that matter, I will post here my thoughts which are a gazillion a minute.  Usually I use this journal to post adorable and pretty imagery that I get off my Pinterest page, as well as post favorite slow jams and their lyrics.  Sometimes I post publicly my crazy thoughts, but usually I do not. 

This irate lj user is quite well-educated and has a number of communities.  Despite the irate lj user's distaste for me, I have added the irate lj user as a friend.  I do not think that violates LJ TOS guidelines.

So my father ordered underwear and other materials from Walmart.  It arrived for delivery on 3/17/21.  A sketchy character stole the box off the front of our doorstep.  It was caught on our neighbor's CCTV.  And I think to myself, I realize times are hard because of COVID, however don't be a jackass and steal from my father who is a senior citizen at the age of 72.  But I guess times are hard and they got to hustle one way or another.

It's been a year w/Covid since 3/11/21.  I just want to get the vaccine and have this world return to some form of normalcy.

I have been somewhat fantasy larping with Keanu Reeves in the past two weeks.  In my fantasy larp I am going to be given a bank account worth billions.  I will have access to the Starship Federation , Heavens' Councils, the Council of Immortals, and Immortality.  I am a royal via Disney and I am a Disney Princess who will magically transform into a gorgeous dream.  If I am a Queen it is as a Queen of NY, because there are many Queens of NY.  I am going to have 2-3 miracle children and raise them Chinese.  In our first 50 years of immortal existence, Keanu and I are going to dedicate our time and energy in getting close to 30 PhD's in various subjects and disciplines at my alma maters — NYU and Columbia University.  I don't know if I will actually become an actress but I will go by my birth name — Emmaruth Zerna Concepción.

I don't have a specific type as far as men of interest are concerned.  Before I was a fangirl of Keanu Reeves, I was the fangirl of Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp, and River Phoenix since the early '80s.  I have dated numerous men in the past and they all are various races and creeds and walks of life and the common denominator among all of them is that they are all good college boys or go to a good high school.

I haven't dated seriously for over two and half decades.  I had decided by the age of 30 that I would be a single career woman raising my adopted sons from Africa and the Philippines.

I would like this irate lj user to know that I appreciate his off-the-cuffs candor and that I shall consider his criticism and make amends to my approach to livejournal and not be such a lame-ass


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