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Because the irate LJ user is insinuating because I have a mental illness diagnosis I am therefore crazy and so is my journal I would like to discuss mental illness.

I am diagnosed with bipolar I which is worse than bipolar II.  It consists of episodes that are either mania or depression.  I suffer usually from manic episodes where I become slightly psychotic and unable to function properly.  The episodes usually occur between 3pm-9:30 pm and they are religious in nature.  It is quite bizarre when they occur because I think to myself I am hardly a religious roller so why does Jesus and religion figure prominently in the manic psychotic attack.

I consider because I went to Catholic schools for over 12 years and my mother was very religious.  I still battle with religion and religiosity in my manic psychotic thoughts.

I realize that I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to mental clarity at times.  However, other than the few hours I am not functioning, I am usually a productive and mentally stable member of society.

Many have some form of a mental illness diagnosis without being diagnosed.

My mental illness is quite manageable if I take my meds on time and continue to talk to my therapist.

I am very careful about what I post here publicly.  I stay within the TOS guidelines.

But yes, I grapple with Bipolar I.


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