Happy Birthday, Aquarius

So many Aquarians for b-day wishes.  1/23:Claudia Diamond, 1/25:Aunt Vicky, 1/27 — My niece, Avery, 2/1 — My cousin Martin, 2/2- My Father, 2/6 — My cousin Armie, 2/8 — my cousins Leslie and Lizbeth and their father Rodrigo, 2/12 — Cecilia Chan and Rachelle's twins.  And midnight2001 .  Claudia Boddy, Corin, Claire, Rodel and Thomas B. are also Aquarians.  I may forget your name, but I never forget your sign *grin*  I dated an Aquarian.  I don't 'member his name, but he took my HS ring :/  I don't 'member his name b/c it's an asian name :/


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