Lisse is actually easy sexually

Lisse... tell the world why u only have your GED and dropped out of school in the 10th grade... tell everyone how you slept with the entire HS and are a prostitute

I'm not easy sexually, Alyssa... Cancers aren't easy sexually... how dare u suggest that... Princess Diana — Queen Diana — is a Cancer and she's a VIRGIN

you're calling the Queen of England a whore, Lisse?
You dare?
Moreover America and Canada are Cancerians as well, Lisse?  And we most certainly aren't easy lyke YOU

don't project Lisse... you've been fucking since you were in fourth grade

you lyke to fuck... you thinke you can keep men with your sexual ways


who do you waent now, Lisse?  My crush?  *laughs her ass off*

He doesn't want your HERPES

*laughs her ass off*

I haven't let any man touch me for over 2 decades... I'm a Queen and Ice Queen

you call Cancerians whores, Lisse?  You dare call Princess "Lady" Diana such, Lisse?

*laughs her ass off*

You call America a Motherfucker, Lisse?
*laughs her ass off*

You've been fucking since you were 9


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