I am the Book and jealous bitches can't understand me

I'm not too fond of reading these days since I've basically read over 5000 books already.  I'm digesting.

I prefer my own ideas than someone else's atm

besides I use louboutins as bookends and i use books, dvds, and kindle to balance on top of my head as I perfect my very glamorous debutante walk.

because i'm indeed a debutante.

but i'll read soon... when i feel lyke it...

rather travel and do then read... i've read 5000+ books already

i'm a speed reader.  i can polish a 1000 page novel in a day.

but i'd rather just be a glamorous actress and be the book... i don't waent to read the book... i waent to BE THE BOOK

YOU read MY BOOKS, bitchasses


I don't read books anymore.  I am the book.  Too expensive for jealous pieces of worthless shit.


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