No Filter

I apologize for being immature in earlier posts.

I have foot in the mouth episodes...

i just say sh*t that's on my mynde, but then two hrs later i'm good

i don't mynde having many sisters and followers who look up to me as an inspirational story.  especially to those who have experience w/sexual assault, bullying, and sketchy behavior from many around them...

you are my sisters... and I am a sorority girl... alpha omicron pi, which is also my mother's sorority when she was in nursing school

i love you all and if i achieve my dreams i'll take ALL of you with me...

it doesnt matter if you wouldn't do the same for me... because one day you'll do the same for another girl... and that's all that matters

so create my sisters...create my paper dolls...

the universe is abundant and sharing is caring

love you all


~seneca davies



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