So my nephew has a civil wedding in CT at a hotel.  We attend the wedding and sleep over teh hotel for a night.

In teh morning we drive back to NYC and my Dad stops at a Service Area to gas up and get breakfast...

so my ass eat mcgriddles and go outside to smoke.

Dis fyne brutha, Jimmy approaches me and askes me do 'Asian' women lyke black men?

And I'm lyke sho nuff...

but he tryna to pick me up at a Service area so I tell him I have a man

he askes wut is he? I tell 'em Asian

he says Asians always stay w/Asians

I say nutin' but I fail to tell him my cousin is married to an African-American and so is my niece who has a half-mulatto daughter.


Jimmy tells me "You're beautiful'

and I'm thinkeing... damn boy, you high


i doan let him pick me up at the service area b/c I doan have a cell phone to give him digits

but Jimmy u is fyne and if the circumstances were diff. I woulde have kicked it to ya


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