I am entering 2021 with just myself, my father, my brother and that's all.  I neede to cut ties with my past and let it burn there... ahahahaha... As for others entering teh year w/me, most of you I have yet to formally meet.  But I thank you for your support and interest in me and my projects.

2020 was a year of lyfe review and mending bridges between many disparate worlds.  It was a year of a pandemic, civil unrest, political madness, and such.  I had to be more compassionate, more understanding, put other's needes before my own.  It was a difficult year for me as it is for many of us.  And I'm glad to put it behinde me.

I look forward to the manifestation of wealth and transformation into 'Seneca Davies' if it is possible.  I look forward to being a 48 year olde woman, independent, strong, intelligent, and perservering.  I am grateful I am nae married.  I thank my lucky stars I never married and most likely never will until I'm 80. ahahahahaha.  However, I will indeed have children.  4 adopted, 2 my own.  I thinke Walter is the ideal for a seed donor.  I am moving to either CA or HI or anudder country altogether.  This year.  I'm glad I doan have responsibilities to weigh me down and force me to settle for anythinge less than my best lyfe possible.  Hooray!

To my livejournal friends and livejournal, I wish you a Happy New Year.

Best Wishes,



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