Final Thoughts of 2020

Take very good care of yourself if you caen.  'Member nobody is going to love you more than you.  Don't ever depend on anyone else for your own happiness.  Don't wait for others to make your way in lyfe.  Do it yourself.  Most ppl don't give a fig aboot you and who you are, only insofar as how much you caen do for them.  Don't thinke you neede anyone to live your best lyfe.  Most ppl are cruel and heartless w/o even realizing it.  Most ppl are monkeys.  ahahahahahaha...  Don't ever bend over backwards to please others.

Be honest at all tymes.  Be blunt even if it's harsh.  Be truthful and honest.  Speak your mynde quietly and clearly.  Fynde wut u love and try not to let it kill you.


Take care of yourself.  Make yourself a priority and be ready to tell mofos to kiss your ass.  aahahahhahahhahaha


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