Final Thoughts of 2020

Well, we are at the end of dis blasted, terrible year and I don't see any changes in my bank account... I've been counting on being well off by the end of the year.  It either has already manifest and I am unaware or it hasn't yet.

I still don't have a full set of teeth.  And I have nae magically transformed into 'Seneca Davies'

I am unsure wut teh holdup is as far as wut I've been working towards for this year except to say that I should give it a little more tyme b/c of COVID and the politics out there.

Well to be certain I am leaving my PAST in 2020 and nae lookin' back anymore.  I review my past for over three years now and I've come to terms with it and I am DONE with it.

I am going to move by dis year to either CA or HI or anudder country altogether.  I am nae wasting my tyme and my breath on old frenz or family ever again.  I am going to forge a new path for myself and the only obligatory relationships I have is to my father and my brother.  Everybody else from my past caen kiss my verra black ass.
I've done the prepatory work for a number of years to manifest my dreams for myself for a number of difficult years.  I lyke to thinke I've learned my lessons and I caen move forward confidently as an independent, strengthened woman.

I am looking to adopt children as well as get w/childe.  Walter is an ideal seed donor.

I am nae lookin' for romance.  Kiss my ass.


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