More on Shadows

I neede to drink so I caen fall asleep.  I'm wired.

So in Black Film Noir, especially in teh 40s and 50s during it's hey day... murders were depicted using shadows... the hall light woulde be on and the room would be ajar... the murder is shown w/shadows of a knife stabbing a body or a gun firing and a body falling to the floor... they rarely show the actual murder outright, preferring to shadowcast the murder... typical of film noir

'Member Shadow Boxes we make in elementary school... a particular art form... I thinke the origins are Chinese and their shadow Boxers...

In Terris, a fellow templar in the Temple of Death is Chadeaux (Shadow)... a byootifull Priestess of Death w/an original and perfect name for Death.. Chadeaux.. a fyne wine indeed...

What is lurking in your shadow? as oppose to window...


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