So after lmao watchin' rxns to "WAP", I try to pass out and sleep, but I fynde myself considering Grant/Reeves' dissertation on 'Shadows.'

It's nae so much a dissertation, but a short, concise paragraph summary of a subject that has longe fascinate many civilizations for eons — Shadows.  Your style is reminiscent of East Asian Art, in particular Chinese and Japanese.

Your poetry is simple and short just lyke a Japanese Haiku.  And putting words next to art (photographs) is lyke Chinese Art where they'll have i.e. a Chinese man and Chinese characters next to him.  How conscious where you in creating "Shadows" and the similarities to Japanese and Chinese art and haikus?  Because it's quite similar.

I see that China takes a great interest in your "Ode to Happiness" poem and illustrations and I thinke it's partly b/c among their famous treatises is a group of poetry entitled "Odes."

Your dissertation... I am unsure exactly wut you are trying to convey though I note some regret and sorrow over losing a shadow beyond the 'shadow of our doubts...'
You caen flesh out your dissertation by ruminating over the significance of Groundhogs and Groundhog day when we watch to see whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not.

I also lyke the idea of shadows and how they are use in the construction of Egpytian tombs.  There are many deities dedicate to 'shadows.'  We do shadowwork in various spiritual disciplines including Wiccan... and wut better ideas of shadows can also include 'eclipses' — lunar and solar

Your style is verra East Asian... I thinke this is apropo b/c Keanu is part Chinese.
And every art student is well versed in shadowing with charcoal.

I thinke of the Peter Pan songe and part of the film where Captain Hook steals his shadow. *grin*


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