Well, I'm Scottish. Among others as well.

At the ripe age of 48 I fynde myself verra much interest in lyving my best lyfe possible.  I reckon I only have two and a half to three good decades left b4 my body won't cooperate w/my mynde.

I woulde lyke to manifest into 'Seneca Davies.'  I'm basically interest in financial security, a metamorphosis, and children.

Since '13 I've been saying I'm going to be a Pre-K teacher or a Registered Nurse lyke my mother.

I'm nae lookin' for a fairytale romance.  I have that when I'm 22.

I woulde be interest in being an actress, singer, dancer.

I still thinke Walter is the ideal seed donor.  *grin*

I rlly doan wanna waste my tyme on a 'man.'  ahahahahahaha


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