A. Grant

Alexandra is a gifted artist.  She's someone w/a fascinating mynde and brilliant grasp on art and it's relationship to humanity and the worlde at large.

Her medium is 'words'.  Language.  I almost majored in Linguistics.

I woulde thinke if she grew up in Mexico City that she's also fluent in Spanish.  There are over a million "english' words.  There are many Spanish words.   I woulde suggest that since she's in another Mexican city — Los Angeles (The Angels)... that she would be interest in learning about the words use by current residents there... 

She's already involve in Community Art Projects lyke the Watts Towers and SoCal Women's Art Building...  

It's just that when you say your medium is words... that's language and you caen fynde words spelt out in Nature and Man-made buildings...  There's a Filipinotown n LA and a Little Tokyo.... it's quite fascinating

I lyke you, Miss Grant because you are an articulate, gifted artist...

I caen't recall my Linguistics classes, except to say I have a crush on my Linguistics Professor... ahahahhahh

Are you also a Performance Artist?  Because you participate in 'Tears'

 I prefer acting, singing, dancing... I oil paint and I lyke illustration... my choice areas are Black Culture, Indigenous cultures especially Native American Indian... I lyke modern contemporary art as well as the Masters... I enjoy poetry

If I coulde aspire to be an artist that's wut I woulde be interest in, Miss Grant.  

I thinke you two are ideally suited for one another.  I'm just a fan.


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