Go West, Young Man

Well I have 'babies on teh brain'.  I'm approaching menopause, so it makes a lot of sense that I woulde be verra interest in 'children.'  I'm nae lookin' to be a wife, paramour, girlfriend... I'm interest in being a mother...

I am going to adopt four children from Africa and the Philippines.  I woulde lyke to have twins of my own.  I was hoping Walter woulde donate teh seede.

My interest in going back to Cali and going even further West to Hawaii is b/c I waent to spende the last 1/3 of my existence in a tropical setting w/beautiful beaches and tropical weather.

If I magically transform into 'Seneca Davies' then I'll try out acting and singing.  Another reason why moving out West makes a lot of sense.


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