The whole point of posting Filipino-centric photos is to encourage youngsters and older to research their ancestry and realize they have a rich heritage, regardless of your ethnicity.  

America is a land of immigrants and as Americans we learn American traditions, including the ones surrounding XMas.  However you also have traditions from the countries you've immigrated from even if it's Sweden or Zimbabwe.

I especially waent to encourage communities of color.

Realize that this country belongs first to Native American Indians.  And the Europeans that colonize it had to flee Europe because of religious and political persecution.  Many had to become 'indentured servants' (slight step up from slaves) because they could nae afford the passage here.

If you research World History, you will see that slavery exists for eons... even in the Bible... the israelites were Egyptian slaves.  Moses was a slave who managed to free Israel from Egypt's shackles..

Christians should realize that they have slavery in their ancestry... Israelites were slaves before God steps in...


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